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You may have noticed, I'm not all there either. - Chesire Cat



why was the kidney transplant patients room a mess

because he was unorganized

"No, fuck you. I was worth it."
- and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via done)

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It’s kind of a funny thing

To think that a year ago, I was sooooo so beyond in love with someone I considered the love of my life, my one & only soulmate.

I would wait for him when he was out of town for work & get butterflies at any text he sent me & when he told me he was coming home that night? The amount of excitement I had was similar to waiting to board your favorite ride at 6 flags.

God, what I’d give to have that man back. The OLD him, not this new guy.who has so far lost himself I wonder if anyone can save him anymore.

I’m tired of being broken & feigning for him.